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Linsanity continues with his own brand of medical marijuana

March 10, 2012

The difference between racism and marketing opportunity is…

February 24, 2012



Most blatant example of Jeremy Lin racism yet

February 18, 2012

Several articles have been written about the blatant examples of racism in articles surrounding New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin. Obviously, somebody at ESPN wasn’t thinking when they posted the online headline “Chink in The Armor” in reference to the Asian point guard.


Fine reporting there, Ralph-Jeremy Lin’s couch photographed

February 13, 2012

Sudden NBA superstar Jeremy Lin’s living arrangements have become the stuff of legend. The Knicks point guard was famously sleeping on his brother’s couch.

Now, thanks to teammate Landry Fields’ Twitter account, we now have a picture of that couch.

Jeremy Lin inspires Knicks and worst NBA nickname of all time

February 11, 2012

What a story! What a run!

In one of the most amazing NBA stories ever, newly minted New York Knicks legend/point guard Jeremy Lin BLEW UP Friday night against the Los Angeles Lakers. Lin dropped 38 points on LA, added 7 assists, shot great from outside and made all of his New York teammates better with his play in a 92-85 victory.

Just a week ago, Lin was an anonymous, journeyman, fourth-string guard who was sleeping on his brother’s couch and in danger of being cut by his fourth NBA team in a year. Not any more!

Starting last Saturday, the Asian, Ivy League graduate Lin has scored 25, 28, 23 and now a career-high 38 points. All Knicks wins. Friday night’s game had “an NBA Finals atmosphere.” Frenzied fans at Madison Square Garden repeatedly chanted, “MVP, MVP!” every time Lin touched the ball.

Before Lin’s amazing run, the Knicks had a pathetic 8-15 record and all of the talk was about the possible firing of coach Mike D’Antoni. Now the talk is all Jeremy Lin all the time.

Finally, how horrible must astronomically priced, underachieving free agent “superstars” Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire feel. The Knicks completely sucked with the pair and their combined $165 million plus contracts. Now, they’ve won four in a row without either led by the minimum-salaried Jeremy Lin. Go Linsanity!

Start the Carmelo Anthony suicide watch

March 27, 2011

It’s hard to believe that there can be somebody that hardcore New York basketball fans hate more than Stephon Marbury. However, that was before Carmelo Anthony arrived at The Garden to personally destroy what had been a pretty successful season for Mike D’Antoni and the Knicks.

Saturday night, New York lost its sixth straight NBA game. Charlotte beat New York 114-106 as the Knicks horrible defense kept getting torched by waiver wire scrubs like Dominic McGuire and Shaun Livingston. To add further humiliation to the league’s coldest team, the Denver Nuggets, Melo’s former club, is now 11-4 since the Knicks/Nuggets megatrade. It’s more than just blog fodder, the Nuggets are literally “better off” without Anthony.

Melo spent this entire season orchestrating, conniving and manipulating his trade to the Knicks-a deal that has now blown up in his and everybody else in New York’s faces. The Knicks gave up half their club and three draft picks to acquire Anthony rather than just wait a couple of months and sign him as a free agent this summer. BIG mistake. While Raymond Felton, Danillo Galinari and Wilson Chandler have all been solid additions to the Nuggets, Anthony and fellow superstar Amare’ Stoudemire have had all the on-court chemistry of Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes in the movie “The Avengers.”

The Knicks were assumed to be a playoff lock this season but have now fallen to under .500 and seventh in the Eastern Conference. Hindsight being 20/20, everybody is now second-guessing the Anthony trade. Hell, things are so bad that even LeBron James now feels sorry for Anthony because fans hate him so badly. Naturally, the tabloids are now deservedly KILLING Melo:


February 5, 2011


Pop star Justin Bieber was booed mercilessly at a New York Knicks game, Thursday. Even as the men in the crowd were booing, a young girl seated next to Bieber was hysterically crying Beatles-style, overwhelmed at a chance to see the teen sensation. There were also reports that Bieber himself cried when he left the Knicks game.



October 14, 2010

Timofey Mozgov , Getty Images


It was a frustrating offseason for the New York Knicks. The once-proud NBA franchise has suffered through years of ineptitude but had managed to clear salary cap room for THIS summer’s free agency period. Unfortunately, the Knicks got shut out after being rejected by LeBron James and every other major free agent.

The one surprise starter that New York managed to acquire this offseason was Russian center Timofey Mozgov. That may not be a good thing. Mozgov was described by the New York Daily News as “a human foul machine.”


August 6, 2010

The rumors were true. The New York Knicks have brought back disgraced former GM Isiah Thomas!

Thomas will serve as a “consultant” with the Knicks.


July 10, 2010


In his tenure as general manager of the New York Knicks, Isiah Thomas single-handedly destroyed a once-legendary basketball franchise. Some have argued that Thomas is the worst sports executive in the history of professional sports.

Therefore, an article in today’s New York Daily News comes as a complete shock. Inbred Knicks owner Robert Dolan is reportedly considering bringing Thomas BACK to run the team! Current Knicks GM Donnie Walsh has had two recent surgeries and is currently in a wheelchair. The Daily News says Dolan is seriously considering re-hiring Thomas even though the club has JUST recovered from the damage Thomas did in his previous GM stint. The Knicks finally cleared the cap room and rid themselves of the the players Thomas had acquired and drafted. Dolan reportedly used Thomas to recruit free agent superstar LeBron James-an effort (like everything else Thomas has tried in his post-basketball life) that ended in failure.

Thomas recently told ESPN he still wants to be an NBA GM. The AP and the New York Post also reported on Thomas’ continued association with the Knicks.