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Turns out horse semen is a performance enhancer (and available in many tasty flavors)

March 2, 2011

According to AOL News, several professional¬†athletes in New Zealand, including rugby players, are using horse ejaculate as a performance enhancer to help them on the field. Horse semen is so popular among athletes in New Zealand that it is being promoted as a “healthy energy booster” made from the “protein” of a stallion.

In fact, the horsee semen is now going to be marketed to the general public in New Zealand starting with the Wildwoods Festival next month. There is one slight problem. Apparently, horse semen tastes awful. The company debuting the “delicacy” believes they’ve come up with a solution. They are flavoring the semen to make it more like a “milkshake.” Semen flavors include cherry, licorice, and banana¬†“banoffee pie.”