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June 30, 2009



Pat Boone was a pop singer in the 1950’s. Currently, he writes a column for the conservative website In his current piece, Boone comes out of the closet. Not that closet. Boone reveals he’s a member of the “birther” movement-those who believe somehow that President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S.

Boone demands Obama produce his birth certificate. (Which, of course, he already has.) Boone’s column is dangerous in that it now drags the AARP set into the ridiculous birther “debate.” He is also still very actice in Christian television. Sure, you and I may not give a damn about what some loser septuagenerian thinks about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, but, believe it or not, Pat Boone does have a following. Boone has sold 45 million records. He’s had 38 Top 40 hits (including six number one singles.) He currently ranks #9 on the all-time Billboard charts, right behind the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney. Elvis once opened FOR HIM.

Obviously, SOMEBODY bought all those albums. Sure, a lot of those people are now dead, but Boone was such a cultural icon that he starred in over a dozen movies and made the cover of the Super Man comic book.




Boone also appeared on the cover of Time magazine, had a #1 best-selling book, was the star of a prime time network television show and served as the national spokesman for Chevrolet. You know, back when they were actually a SUCCESSFUL car company. Boone even got publicity in the late ’90s when he made a heavy metal album.





In addition to his Newsmax column, Boone has attempted to interject himself in politics by also writing for and making anti-gay phone calls for political candidates.