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Trouble in River City

June 2, 2011


It must be tv sweeps time.Talk about exposes!

KXTV in Sacramento ran a story about high school cheerleaders wearing “micromini uniforms.” Although the ABC affiliate feigned outrage and showed a crying teenager, it sure as hell didn’t stop them from airing the “controversial” pictures of cheerleaders wearing their REALLY short uniforms.

It all started when the student yearbook staff at River City High School printed an article entitled “Who Wears Short Shorts?” The yearbook then published pictures of the entire cheerleader squad. Not only that but the yearbook also published revealing photos of the squad warming up by doing jumping jacks while wearing the tiny unis with predictably revealing shots.

The school literally stopped the presses after distributing the first 400 copies of the yearbook to students. A cheerleader revolt almost ensued.The school apologized and is re-editing the remaining copies of this year’s River City High yearbook.

Even the JV girls are forced to dress like sluts.


Yes, there’s trouble in River City.