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Ryan Braun herpes rumors picking up steam

January 9, 2012

What a terrible offseason for National League MVP Ryan Braun. First news came out that the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder tested positive for steroids and faces a possible 50 game suspension. Like all juicing athletes, Braun is proclaiming his innocence. However, in his case, if Braun’s defense is accurate it might worsen his image.

Yes, Ryan Braun is apparently going to play the herpes card in an attempt to get out of his PED suspension. Multiple baseball and gossip websites are reporting that Braun’s astronomically high steroids level are a result of his genital herpes medication. The mainstream media has not picked up on the rumors based on the scummy and absolutely charming sources reporting the story. 

So far even Wikipedia and scandal sites like aren’t even touching the Ryan-Braun-has-the-herp story. Although Braun’s camp did issue a statement about a “private medical issue” and “unusual circumstances.”