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The assassination of Michael Jordan’s character by the coward Scottie Pippen

May 28, 2011


Scottie Pippen should die of shame. Unfortunately, since he’s already beat women, commited crimes (repeatedly) and been the most gutless quitter in basketball history with no remorse, there’s little chance of that.

Friday, Pippen said in an ESPN Radio interview that 0-time NBA champion LeBron James was be a better all-around player than his former teammate, Michael Jordan. You know, the SIX-time champion. The greatest basketball player who ever live. The guy who was named the greatest athlete in American (world) history.

The exact phrase Pippen used was, “LeBron James is probably the greatest player to ever play the game.” This is after James and the Miami Heat eliminated HIS Bulls to advance to the NBA Finals.

What a joke! Jordan won all six of those NBA titles. Pippen was an accident of history who was merely along for the ride. While Jordan won six NBA Finals MVP awards, Pippen never even received a single MVP vote. Not even in 1991 when he had his best series against the Lakers.

Pippen’s backstabbing of Jordan was greeted with universal outrage and scorn in the city of Chicago. Hell, around the world. To compound the indignity, Pippen originally Tweeted how he stood behind is statement. However, as the day progressed, Pippen continued to shrink and back away from his Jordan-bashing comments. Typical Pippen. Folding like a paper napkin under pressure.

What an ungreatful dick. Jordan made Pippen everything he is today. Maybe that’s the problem. Pippen is an overrated, flat broke, woman-beating coward whose actions “stink of an MJ complex.”

How wrong was Pippen in his assessment? Here’s an informal sample, Darren Rovell of CNBC ran a Twitter poll on the Jordan/James debate in which %94.6 of voters picked Jordan.