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June 11, 2009



Selena Roberts’ book on Alex Rodriguez was rushed to publication this spring following revelations of the embattled New York Yankees third baseman’s previous steroid use.

Unfortunately, the controversy hasn’t exactly translated into booming book sales. The tell-all A-Rod book has been a publishing disaster for Harper Collins. “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez” had an initial first printing of 150,000 copies. To date only 16,000 copies of the book have been sold.

The Rizzoli book store in midtown Manhattan has reported selling a grand total of two copies of the book. Posman Books in grand Central Station reportedly hasn’t sold a single copy of the book in the last two weeks.

As of yesterday, Roberts’ A-Rod book was number 2,904 on the bestsellers list.


April 30, 2009


The new Selena Roberts book on Alex Rodriguez is due out in a couple weeks and the New York Daily News has already leaked some of the juicy details. The Roberts book accuses A-Rod of using steroids from the time he was in high school through his time with the New York Yankees.

The book also says teammates teased Rodriguez over the enlarged size of his breasts (Roberts says due to a condition called “gyneocastia,” which is caused by anabolic steroid use.) Finally, the book also implies that besides being a steroid cheat, A-Rod is also a terrible human being. Roberts accuses Rodriguez of tipping pitches to opposing players when he was with the Texas Rangers with the hope that they would return the favor so that he could pad his batting statistics. Roberts accuse A-Rod of being more concerned about his own statistics than his team winning.

Some media outlets are already killing Roberts over her book. WFAN radio morning host Craig Carton made the allegation that Roberts is “anti-man.” Carton also blasted Roberts for being completely WRONG in her reporting on the Duke lacrosse case. Other critics also point out the Roberts book is filled with anonymous sources.