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January 28, 2011

Who says it’s tough to find work in this economy?

According to TMZ, Fox Sports and several other media sources, the city of Dallas is some 10,000 strippers short to service customers for the upcoming Pittsburgh Steelers/Green Bay Packers Super Bowl game.

NBC Sports is even offering a helpful how-to guide for young ladies who may want to take their clothes off for pay next weekend. Pro tips include:

* Women wishing to strip must have two valid forms of ID (plus an alien ID card or international work permit if you’re not a U.S. citizen.)

* Once you pick a club to work in (there are approximately 60 strip clubs in the Dallas area) you must pay them $50 for a referral to a private screening company called Bio Verify. You must then physically go to Bio Verify and pick up a permit to work. Bio Verify is located on Manana Road in Dallas.

NBC suggests that women apply for their permits during the daytime since the area Bio Verify is located in is “not very safe” after dark.