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October 30, 2009

To date, 84 sponsors have joined the  nationwide boycott of the Glenn Beck Program orchestrated by One report estimates that Fox News has lost 50% of its revenue from the show.

The boycott started after Beck called President Obama “racist” on the Fox News Channel morning show Fox & Friends. Among the companies that have formally announced they will no longer advertise on Beck’s show are Applebee’s, AT&T, Campbell’s Soup, Geico, General Mills, Kraft, Mercedes-Benz, Radio Shack, UPS and Walmart.

What’s slightly MORE interesting is the list of companies still buying ads on Beck’s program. For instance, the CNN show American Morning recently bought time. CNN is Fox News’ competitor as well as Beck’s former employer.

Do you know who else recently bought air time on Beck’s show? Would you believe FEMA? As in the Federal Emergency Management Agency.You know, the guys who brought you Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. No joke.

Why in THE HELL would an agency of the federal government advertise with Glenn Beck?!? His whole purpose is to trash “the government?” Particularly, THAT government agency. Beck spent an entire week of his show discussing the ridiculous “possibility” of FEMA concentration camps being built to “round up” American citizens.

Geez, maybe, the federal government IS as incompetent as Beck says it is.