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January 22, 2009


Here’s a layup story you’ll be seeing again and again for the next ten days. The recession has apparently hit another aspect of the sports world. Scalping. People who are trying to resell their Super Bowl tickets this year are finding the price they’re going to get has dropped some 40 percent from last season.

Some reports have Super Bowl tickets to this year’s game in Tampa being sold for barely over face value. Reuters, The Phoenix Business Journal, the Tampa Tribune and numerous other newspapers and blogs have already run stories on the suffering of ticket scalpers and we’re not even to Super Bowl week or media day yet. Ticket agencies such as StubHub and RazorGator are also feeling the pinch. They’re getting killed compared to ticket prices in an ordinary year.

There are also economic reasons that the two markets involved in this year’s game may be contributing to the low scalping prices. Rust Belt cities, like Pittsburgh, have been hit hard by layoffs and the recession. Meanwhile, the Phoenix market has been clobbered by the housing collapse.

Then again, the Washington Post points out that while Super Bowl tickets may be going for only $1,200, scalped tickets to Barack Obama’s inauguration this week were fetching $40,000.