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Van Jones challenges Glenn Beck to a debate

June 20, 2011



September 7, 2009





I used to wonder how Nazism ever took hold in an entire nation. Not any more. We now have a specific example of how hate and bigotry can be turned into political weapons in our very own country.

It also used to puzzle me how a guy like Senator Joseph McCarthy could ever dupe the entire country simply by lying about people being “Communists.” That golden oldie has just been revived as well. And, thanks to some revisionist history by people like Ann Coulter, it’s now actually cool to be compared to McCarthy.  There are actually those who are PROUD of the comparison. Not to mention, the same tactics that McCarthy used in the 195o’s work even BETTER today. Like calling people “Communists.”

For the past several weeks, Fox News and radio talk show host Glenn Beck has been pounding on Van Jones,  President Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar.” Day, after day, after endless day, Beck harangued his audience about how Jones was a “Communist” who “had the ear” of the President. Communist, Communist, Communist! It’s all Beck has been talking about for a month.

Now, you would think that it would be pretty tough to tag ANYONE as a “Communist” in the year 2009, partcularly an award-winning entrepreneur who made millions in the free market and did it by dragging himself up by his bootstraps. Especially when the same guy wrote a New York Times best seller about business oriented/free market solutions to America’s environmental problems. You might also think that Glenn Beck has no credibility when it comes to the topic of Van Jones since Jones is the guy who organized the FREE MARKET boycott of Beck’s tv show by advertisers. Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

Beck’s transparent attempt to get back at Jones actually worked. Van Jones resigned over the weekend. He quit his job working for the Obama administration. Basically, he was fired. All it took was Glenn Beck telling people that Jones was a “Communist” over and over and over again. Between his radio and television shows, Beck must have called Jones a “Communist” at least 5,000 times in the last month. Apparently, nothing succeeds like excess.

Granted, there’s enough shame to go around on both sides of the political equation. Some of the comments made by Van Jones that are on YouTube are truly hateful and (to put it mildly) signing a petition openly questioning President Bush and his role in 9/11 wasn’t the brightest thing Jones ever did.

Hate cuts both ways. Just a few days ago, I had to post about how lunatics on the Left were deliberately and falsely slandering Beck while spreading complete lies about him on the Internet.

Still, the fact that GLENN BECK took down a government official is a defining moment in American media history. Glenn Beck is a mentally unbalanced, heroin-shooting, dropout with a career college GPA of 0.0.

Lest you think that now I’M SLANDERING Beck, here are some facts:

The source of Beck’s college grades is Beck himself. He often talks about the one semester of college he attended. He  flunked out because of personal problems with his wife and a major drug problem. The story is even in one of Beck’s books.

Also, there’s video of Beck talking about his DAILY drug use:   HERE

and Beck’s former colleagues at CNN revealing how he is a “heroin addict”  

 Is this REALLY the guy America wants framing political debate in this country? Apparently so. Beck is certainly taking 100% of the credit for ousting Jones. I don’t pretend to know what’s going on in the mind of Glenn Beck. If I did, I would explain to you why Beck, who has impeccable commie-hating credentials, is actually wearing an old East German military uniform on the cover of his latest book. My personal theory is that the guy is mentally ill.

Sadly, if you don’t think this escapade won’t serve to further embolden Beck and his minions, you’re not only wrong, you’re nuts. A local Las Vegas talk show host just posted about the Jones resignation on her Facebook page. She says,

“1 down, thousand more commies to go! No surrender, no retreat.”

Many respondents to her post now want every “Czar” removed from the Obama administration. Apparently, they are “unconstitutional.” Had any of these people (or Beck) actually passed one U.S. history class in their entire lives, they might find out that the patronage system and the practice of rewarding your political supporters with cool jobs was actually invented by the Founding Fathers.

As I’ve mentioned before, reasoned political discourse in this country is now officially dead. For the first time in history, American NEWS organizations are now 100% partisan as a matter of policy. On one 24-hour cable news channel (MSNBC) you have Keith Olbermann, Tip O’Neill’s former right hand man, and two freaking Air America hosts filling every second of their prime time lineup. Meanwhile, Fox News Channel has degraded into a 24-hour a day anti-Obama infomercial. So much for fair and balanced.

I have deliberately left CNN out of the discussion on cable news since nobody under 65 watches the channel. Besides, everybody knows that when something REALLY important happens (like Michael Jackson dropping dead) you turn on CNN. And, that’s the point. We have devolved so much as a society that we now view entertainment as news and political decisions and important policy issues as entertainment. Thank you Bill O’Reilly!

God bless Rachel Maddow, but only a GE/NBC tv executive would think it’s appropriate to have an Air America host moderating a news show like Meet the Press. This happened in the real world a couple of weeks ago. Maddow is certainly entitled to her opinons, no matter how zany or Left Wing they are. She is NOT, however, entitled to host Meet the Press.

Meanwhile, Maddow is a goddamn rocket scientist compared to some of the dropouts and crackpots who are Fox News hosts. I used to think Alan Colmes was the Most Useless Man in America. I was wrong. It turns out, that without an adult on his show offering opposing views, Sean Hannity is free to run amok and say whatever crazy, hate-filled nonsense that pops into his head. Hannity is a whoremongering hypocrite who thinks it’s appropriate to attack the President of the United States’ wife because he disagrees with his policies. Hannity has surrounded himself with so many sycophants that he has actually convinced himself that he would be a legitimate choice to run for president against Obama in 2012.

That’s the other problem with partisan cable television. Everything is framed as a “debate” with both sides PAID to attack one another. The media loves conflict and television presents the illusion that on every topic there are two directly opposing sides from which you need to pick ONE over the other. That might work for Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take, but it shouldn’t be how we decide really important political issues in this country. Besides, not all topics have two “equal” sides. If you’re having a discussion about World War II and the impact of The Holocaust, you don’t put two guys on the air. One to explain the topic and the other a Holocaust denier to “debate” whether or not it happened.

Yet, that’s what MSNBC and Fox do every day. MSNBC regularly puts Pat Buchanan on the air and he seems to think there’s some room to “debate” the whole Adolf-Hitler-thing. That’s what tv does. Unfortunately, we’re having the entire future of this country’s health care system being framed by Glenn Beck who is a mentally unbalanced, heroin-shooting, drop out with a career college GPA of 0.0.

In tv land, Glenn Beck and President Obama are equals. Fox News refuses to televise the duly elected President of the United States (sorry birthers) addressing the nation, but they give Beck an hour a day of their programming.

You can’t blame Fox News for putting Glenn Beck on television. The guy is a ratings machine. Besides, unlike most politicians, Fox News is actually serving their constituents. They’re just giving the people what they want. Most people want crap. Blame MSNBC. When you put an Air America host on Meet the Press, you literally give license to the other side to yell “Communist!” in a crowded theater.

President Obama needs to get his act together and rise above the noise on both sides. Otherwise, his presidency isn’t going to be compared with Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt any longer. Experts are going to start bringing up Jimmy Carter.

That’s Glenn Beck’s legacy.