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College newspaper sportswriter proves he’s a “Bad Motherf****r”

March 8, 2011

Monday’s issue of the student newspaper for Western Illinois University will go down in history. For all the wrong reasons. That particular issue of The Western Courier is hardly earth shattering. Nor is an article by student sportswriter Mick Vaught.

What is historic is the byline of Vaught’s article. It reads: “Bad Motherfucker.”┬áThe campus paper’s editor explains how the typo accidentally got┬áprinted by pointing out that the “bad mo fo” byline has been part of the paper’s template for years. It’s simply edited out and replaced with the actual author’s byline every issue. This time the school simply forgot to take out the “Bad Motherfucker.” Ooops!

The paper says it’s changing its template.