Holy crap!

This would be why you shouldn’t receive your medical advice from Playboy centerfolds. For YEARS, Jenny McCarthy has been the most vocal anti-vaccine spokesperson in the world. McCarthy had claimed (despite all evidence to the contrary) that childhood vaccines had caused her young son’s autism.

Now in a stunning article in Time magazine, it’s revealed that McCarthy’s son NEVER had autism in the first place. It turns out the boy had been misdiagnosed and really has a rare neurological disorder. Fortunately, the child is getting better and no longer displays any signs of autism. However, McCarthy has not apologized for her misdirected zealotry against having children vaccinated. Even if she did, APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED.

How many thousands and thousands of children have developed childhood diseases because their idiot mothers saw Jenny McCarthy on Oprah or some other show and refused to get them vaccinated? We’ll never know. What IS known is the CDC literally called McCarthy “a menace to public health.”

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  1. betina Says:

    Jenny McCarthy owes the world a big apology. It is simply outrageous that she would write a book about healing her autistic child, when her child was never autistic. The poor child had infantile seizures that caused him to regress, but he was never autistic. Shame shame shame on publishers who keep pushing this lie that her son had autism.

  2. anakin Says:

    I’ve read the entire Time article and NOWHERE does it mention that “the boy had been misdiagnosed and really has a rare neurological disorder”.

    I strongly suggest you go back and re-read the article again. More slowly this time. Your bias is showing.

  3. cheekymonkeeey Says:

    She needs to just go away already!

  4. Jane Says:

    As a mother of a child w/autism, I will always be grateful for the awareness that has been given to autism because of Jenny McCarthy, regardless of her son’s diagnosis. The focus on autism has made even strangers more aware of the struggles parents of kids with this disorder face

  5. Chris Says:

    Jenny McCarthy brought am awareness to this horrible disorder that was much needed. As a parent who has a child with autism, I will always be grateful for the exposure she has brought to this disorder. Now when I go places and if we have issues, I tell them my son has autism and people know what it is and have a different outlook. When we are places and people try to speak to my son who won’t respond, rather than give up and walk away they give it another try. Thank you Jenny for creating an awareness that would not have been without you.

  6. connie Says:

    Okay, so maybe her child didn’t have autism, but she’ s been a GREAT spokesperson for autism, so what?

  7. preskley Says:

    I’m sorry, but Jenny McCarthy’s son with autism is a fraud. He never had real autism. He has landau kleffner syndrome.

  8. Ashley Says:

    Whether or not Ms. McCarthy drew attention to autism or not, she needs to apologize for misleading the public. She is a public figure and therefore has a certain responsibility to the public. When you campaign so hard for something and it turns out you were completely wrong, you should say so. Publicly. Scientists know what happens when a child develops autism, they just don’t know the why of it all. I suggest that ALL parents and teachers (like myself) of autistic children do their own research and get the FACTS. Don’t listen to a celebrity who used to make her money making nude videos for Playboy.

  9. Joe Says:

    If you want to know how “awesome” she is, on Howard Stern she admitted she was single and looking for a guy bur also said that he had to make at least half a million A YEAR in order for her to even consider a guy. A real role model for our young.

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