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Most successful fast food in history

June 6, 2012

Doritos Locos

As you read this item keep in mind it took McDonald’s 18 years to sell their first 100 million hamburgers. Meanwhile, it took Taco Bell just 10 weeks to sell 100 million Doritos tacos. The Doritos Locos Taco is now being officially proclaimed as “the chain’s most popular product ever.”

IN-N-OUT ripoff?

July 25, 2011

IN-N-OUT Burger is a legendary hamburger chain from California. They have a fanatically loyal following despite the fact that, other than an occassional forray into Southwest cities like Vegas and Phoenix, the restaurant has not ventured out of its SoCal borders very often.

Now IN-N-OUT is threatening to sue a hamburger stand in Boise, Idaho. IN-N-OUT claims the restaurant blatantly ripped them off. They’ve actually got a pretty good point. Burger Express has adopted the identical colors, and food presentation as IN-N-OUT. Likewise, Burger Express has mimicked IN-N-OUT’s furniture, logo (a “check” instead of an arrow), and menu.

Crazy! Check out the miles-long line to the only In-N-Out Burger in Texas

May 15, 2011


Image of Jesus found in a Cheeto

April 6, 2011


Scientists create genetically altered cows that can produce human breast milk

April 3, 2011


Pork: No longer “The Other White Meat”

March 4, 2011


The National Pork Board has replaced their two-decade-plus slogan “Pork: The Other White Meat” and replaced it with “Pork: Be Inspired.”

McLobster rumors turn out to be fish tale

March 4, 2011


Internet rumors be damned. McDonald’s is NOT breaking out the McLobster sandwich on a nationwide basis. Both Google and Yahoo! had “McLobster” as one of their most searched items Thursday. However, the blog Carlsdab Patch shot down the rumors of a nationwide McLobster campaign with a statement from the fast food company.

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a “McLobster.” It’s sold mainly in McDonald’s restaurants in Maine and other easten seaboard states. Above you’ll see a McLobster commercial.

Turns out horse semen is a performance enhancer (and available in many tasty flavors)

March 2, 2011

According to AOL News, several professional athletes in New Zealand, including rugby players, are using horse ejaculate as a performance enhancer to help them on the field. Horse semen is so popular among athletes in New Zealand that it is being promoted as a “healthy energy booster” made from the “protein” of a stallion.

In fact, the horsee semen is now going to be marketed to the general public in New Zealand starting with the Wildwoods Festival next month. There is one slight problem. Apparently, horse semen tastes awful. The company debuting the “delicacy” believes they’ve come up with a solution. They are flavoring the semen to make it more like a “milkshake.” Semen flavors include cherry, licorice, and banana “banoffee pie.”


February 25, 2011

It’s the taste sensation that’s sweeping the nation in Great Britain. It’s ice cream made with human breast milk.

The London shop “Icecreamists” came up with the idea of what it is calling the ultimate organic food. They collected breast milk from 15 mothers who gave 10 ounces at a time. They mixed the breast milk with their usual ice cream recipes. Voila! The new flavor is called “Baby Gaga.

Icecreamers says the breast milk ice cream is “organic, free-range and totally natural.” The cost? Just $23 a cone.


November 8, 2010

Here’s a new product. It’s called “Adult Chocolate Milk.” Basically, it’s booze and chocolate milk mixed together.